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Updated equipment and facilities ready to take on your individual company’s unique paper waste, allowing you to spend more time in other areas of your business. 

Corrugated Materials at KB Recycling Facility


OCC: Old Corrugated Containers

Used boxes, containers, or other packaging made from unbleached, un-waxed paper with a ruffled or corrugated inner liner

OCC (11): Supermarket Corrugated

Corrugated containers with either test liner or kraft (prohibitive materials may not exceed 1%)

DLK: Double Lines Kraft

Clean, dry, die-cut scrap from box-converting operations (typically waste from a new box) 

Deinking / New Grades Materials at KB Recycling Facility


OMG: Office Magazine Groundwood

Catalogs, coated magazines, and other similar materials (occasionally a small percentage of uncoated news-type paper)

SCN (#9 News): Sorted Clean Newspaper

Sorted newspapers (free of excessive ink, brown grades, and magazines) from source separated collection programs, converters, and drop-off centers (usually pre-consumer paper picked up directly from paper processor)

WBN: White Blank Newspaper

Unprinted cuttings and sheets of white newsprint or other uncoated white groundwood paper of similar quality

Mixed Paper Material at KB Recycling Facility


Different Types of Paper Mixed Together

Phonebooks, magazines, junk mail, office paper, paperboard packaging, or any kind of paper that doesn’t fall into the category of corrugated cardboard or newspaper

Mixed Paper
High Grades Material at KB Recycling Facility


SOP: Sorted Office Paper

Printed or unprinted paper sheets, shavings, and cuttings of colored or white sulphite or sulphate ledger, bond, writing, and other papers which have similar fiber and filler content 

CBS: Coated Book Stock

Coated printed or unprinted shavings, cuttings, sheets and books (typically groundwood-free, but a reasonable percentage of paper containing fine groundwood is acceptable)

HPSBS: Heavily Printed, Solid Bleached Sulphate Board

Groundwood-free, heavily printed and bleached sulphate cuttings (contains medium to heavy printed sheets or shavings)

Shredded Paper on Conveyor Belt.JPG

LPSBS: Lightly Printed, Solid Bleached Sulphate Board

Groundwood-free, lightly printed bleached sulphate cuttings, free from misprint sheets, printed cartons, wax, greaseproof lamination, gilt, and inks, adhesives or coatings that are insoluble (contains minimal amounts of ink and is typically found in the food, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries, requiring a USDA approval)

SWL: Sorted White Ledger

Uncoated printed or unprinted shavings, cuttings, guillotined books, or sheets of white ledger (groundwood is not acceptable)

High Grades
Pulp Subs Material at KB Recycling Facility


UPSBS: Un-Printed, Solid Bleached Sulphate Board

A virgin fiber grade of paperboard made purely from bleached chemical pulp that usually has a coating on the top surface (C1S) and often a coating on the reverse side (C2S) as well

HWS: Hard White Shavings

Shavings or sheets of uncoated, untreated, and unprinted white envelope paper that’s groundwood-free

Pulp Subs
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